Marseille, France – Travel, Shopping, Festivals, Nightlife and Tourist Attractions

Marseille is a beautiful city located on the Southeast Coast of France on Mediterranean Sea and is the second most populated city in France. Formerly the city was known as Massalia.

Marseille Attractions

Marseille is an ideal destination for a short break. The city has lot to offer to its visitors ranging from its time-honored glamour, modern urbanity, stunning close by seashore, cultural attractions, historical places, good shopping options, a vibrant nightlife with good swanky cafes, bars and restaurants. In addition For Music lovers visiting and enjoying opera is a great option, there are a number of good theatres and cinemas where one can enjoy movies and drama’s.
Some of the most prominent tourist attractions in Marseille Includes-:

  • Calanques Marseille-Cassis
  • Basilique Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde
  • Vieux-Port
  • Arc de Triomphe de la Porte d’Aix
  • Galerie Jouvène
  • Fontaine Castellane
  • Musee de L’OM

Marseille Shopping
Marseille is an ideal destination to do loads and loadscof shoping for yourself and your family. The city offers tremendous shopping options that will surely fit your customized needs. Some of the best shopping areas where one should visit are The rue Paradis, rue Saint Ferrol. rue de Rome and run off the Canebire.

Marseille Nightlife
When the sun goes down the charming city of Marseille have lot to offer. The city offers enormous options that will make your nightlife vibrant and colorful. You will discover a number of good clubs, cafes, bars and restaurants with bustling crowd, ideal to spend your night.

Marseille Festivals
The wonderful city of Marseille is world renowned for its festivals and Carnivals. Some of the most famous one includes Marseille International Documentary Film Festival, The Festival of Wind.


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Thrills and Spills in Kaohsiung

The vibrant city of Kaohsiung is a great place to spend a few days while taking a tour of Taiwan. Visitors from all walks of life travel here from all over the globe to explore the city’s numerous historical and cultural attractions, and guided tours are available for those who are short on time. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular things to do in Kaohsiung.

Solo Activities

Shopping in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung boasts a number of modern shopping malls, where just about everything under the sun can be found for a price. One of the most popular places to browse for bargains is the Presidents’ Shopping Store, which can be found on Jhongshan Road. Also nearby is the New Jyuejiang Shoping Area Mall, while the Yuansu Yujhu Shopping Area is famed for its terrific bargains.

Cycling in Kaohsiung

Visitors who like to explore independently can simply rent a bike and cycle their way around the city. Specially made cycle paths lead the way along the coast to attractions such as the lighthouse, while cycling is also a great way to explore the countryside around the city.

Group Activities

Dining in Kaohsiung

Eating out in Kaohsiung is a rich and varied experience, as there are plenty of different types of restaurants to choose from here, especially in the vibrant Tsoying District. Many of the leading Kaohsiung hotels also come complete with their own restaurants, which serve an excellent selection of both traditional local and international dishes.

Cruise on the Love River

Although once sadly neglected, Love River has been cleaned up in recent years and is now the perfect place to take a cruise. Visitors will be able to sit back and relax as many of the city’s famous sights slide slowly past, while special cruises can also be organised in the evenings, which are particularly popular with young lovers.

Sightseeing in Kaohsiung

Taking a group sightseeing tour of Kaohsiung is the perfect way to really get to know this enchanting city. Sightseeing tours take visitors to all of the city’s top attractions, while tours are conducted by knowledgeable local guides, who are able to answer questions from visitors and also reveal some of Kaohsiungs’ hidden gems, which would otherwise be overlooked by visitors. Tours typically take visitors to a large number of different attractions, and among the many highlights are Hsituwan Beach, Kaohsiung Harbour and Yat-sen University.

Trekking in Kaohsiung

Situated halfway between the Nantzu District and the Zuoying District, Banpingshan Natural Park is the perfect place for nature lovers to explore on a sunny day. This area of intense natural beauty was originally used for mining, and was transformed in 1998 when the government banned mining. These days Banpingshan serves as a recreational and education hot spot, attracting both visitors and local people alike. A wide range of activities is just waiting to be taken part in here, although trekking is by far the most popular with people of all ages.


After a busy day of seeing the sites of Kaohsiung, visitors can let off a little steam by shaking a tail feather on the dance floor of one of the city’s vibrant nightclubs. One of the most popular is Lamp, which is located on Zihciang 3rd Road, while Dreams offers special all-you-can-drink deals on week nights.